Dictionaries of quotations

From The Jaws Of Defeat

Lane Tim


The Vanguard Diaries

Glover Washington


The Lord Jesus Christ Fully Man and Fully God: Evidence from...

Margaret Lepke and June Young


The Bible Puzzle Book: A to Z Edition

Mary Welsh


Quotations For the Public Person: Wit and Wisdom of the Ages

Robert E Miner and Judge Robert C Coates


Syllogisms or a Book of Reasons for Every Day (1907)

Lee Washington


Good Vibes Only: Quotes and Statements to Help You Radiate...

Summersdale Publishers


Nothing Is Impossible To A Determined Woman



Reflections Fun Adult Picture Book Quotes and Poetry

Tracy Lee Harrington


The Book of Kellyisms: A Coach's Playbook for Life

Robert M Kelly


Some Remembered Words

Oscar Shoenfeld


#KickButtMortgageGuy's First Time Home Buyer Guide

Ryan J Speltz


Revelations II: Words of Wisdom

James (University of New Hampshire) Tucker


Speaking of Science

Michael Fripp and Deborah Fripp


Happiness is a Red Teapot