Dictionaries of quotations

The Journey to the Sun: The Book of Sun Chaser

Johnathan Levy


The Most Inspiring Things Ever Said

Steven Price


Biblical Reflections

Abdenal Carvalho


She Believed She Could, So She Did

Rainy Day Books


To Ponder and Live Correct

Philip R Bailey


Big Book of Sports Quotes

Eric Zweig and Chris McDonell


Keep Calm You're Only 40: Wise Words for a Big Birthday

Summersdale Publishers


I Love You Dad

Ella Earle


''Wise Sayings'' My Mother Taught Me

Linda Nichols Gomes


The Mental Spark Plug 1923



Quotable Hogan

Rich Skyzinski


First Time Home Buyer Book

Thomas Frank


Don't Panic, You're Only 50!: Quips and Quotes on Getting Older

Summersdale Publishers


Core of Wisdom

I. Qureshi M. D. Adnan