Museology & heritage studies

Cultural Heritage and the Challenge of Sustainability

Diane Barthel-Bouchier


Museums In Motion Museum Masters

Multiple Contributors


Classical Heritage and European Identities: The Imagined...

Laerke Maria Andersen Funder, Denmark) Myrup Kristensen Troels (Aarhus University, et al.


Getting Yesterday Right: Interpreting the Heritage of Wales

J. Geraint Jenkins


History of the National Gallery of Ireland

Peter Somerville-Large


The Industrial Heritage: Managing Resources and Uses

NFA Alfrey Judith and Tim Putnam


Through Time, Across Continents: A Hundred Years of...

Dilys P. Winegrad


Exhibiting Nation: Multicultural Nationalism (and Its Limits)...

Caitlin Gordon-Walker


Museum Management


The History of Museums


Engaging Young Children in Museums

Sharon E Shaffer


Museums and Community: Ideas, Issues and Challenges

UK) Crooke Londonderry Elizabeth (University of Ulster