General & world history

The Non-Sense of Christian Science

Albert Clarke Wyckoff


Orlando Furioso. Vol. III

Lodovico Ariosto and John Hoole


Plays and Players

Laurence Hutton


Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington; Volume...

Biological Society of Washington


The Queen's Twin, and Other Stories

Sarah Orne Jewett


Puddleford, and Its People

H H Riley


Texas Towns: From Abner to Zipperlandville

Don Blevins


The Highlands of Scotland in 1750. from Manuscript 104 in the...

Anonymous and London School of Economics) Lang Andrew (Senior Lecturer in Law


The Saxon Dynasty. Pedigree of the Kentish Kings.

Robert Charles Jenkins


History of the British Colonies. Second Edition.

Robert Montgomery Martin


Royal Windsor.

UK) Dixon William (London Metropolitan University


Breslauer Urkundenbuch.

Georg Korn