General & world history

Notes on Grenade Warfare

Army War College


Love Sonnets to Ermingarde

Edward O Jackson


The Seven Years' War and Slavery in the Caribbean: Serving...

USA) Gaspar David Barry (Duke University


A Substitute for War

Percy Mackaye


Saturday Night

S T Cross


Treatise on the LXXXIV Psalm

M Howard


Notes on the Sign or Sacrament of Holy Baptism

William Clayton Walters


The Cur and the Coyote

Edward Peple


Instructions in the Way of Peace

C J Atherton


Africa, a Missionary Poem

Joseph Ridgeway


Answers to the Revised Grade Arithmetic

MD (The Citadel) Davis William


Prince Dorus

Charles Lamb


Select Passages from the Metamorphoses

North Pinder and Ovid (Ovidius Naso)