General & world history

The Poet of Science and Other Addresses

William North Rice


The Culmination of the Puritan Theocracy

Edward a Horton


An English-Anglo-Saxon Vocabulary

Prof Walter W Skeat


Old Portraits and Modern Sketches

John G Whittier


Safeguards for City Youth at Work and at Play

Louise De Koven Bowen


The Children of France and the Red Cross

June Richardson Lucas


The Priest's Studies

T B Scannell


Lessons in Nature Study

Oliver P Jenkins and Vernon L Kellogg


Hope in America

John Strachey


Five-Minute Readings

Walter K Fobes



Theodor Boveri


Under the German Shells

Emmanuel Bourcier


The Real Japanese Question

K K Kawakami


Poems. Vol. II

George Meredith