History: specific events & topics

Inside the United States Army Today

Gordon L. Rottman and Ron Volstad


Archbishops of Canterbury: A History

P. G. Maxwell-Stuart


The Book of Business

Elbert Hubbard


Christian Community in History

Roger (S. J.) Haight


The Art of Saving

Harvey a Blodgett


Police Detectives in History, 1750-1950

Clive Emsley


A History of Western Thought: From Ancient Greece to the...

Nils Gilje and Gunnar Skirbekk


Famous Men of Greece

John H Haaren



James T Speirs


A History of Media

W.Lambert Gardiner


The Struggle for the History of Education

UK) McCulloch University of London Gary (Institute of Education


The Remains of War: Apology and Forgiveness

Jintaro Ishida


Science Times Book of Natural

Nicholas Wade


Odd Corners of the GWR from the Days of Steam

Kevin Robertson