Archaeology by period / region

Secret Britain: Unearthing our Mysterious Past

Mary-Ann Ochota


The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Lindsey

Kevin Leahy


Patina: A Profane Archaeology

Shannon Lee Dawdy


The Celtic Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends

Miranda Aldhouse-Green


A Historical and Economic Geography of Ottoman Greece

Jack L. Davis, Fariba Zarinebaf, et al.


Abu Salabikh, Volume 2: Graves 1-99

J. Nicholas Postgate, J. Moon, et al.


Ivories from Nimrud (1949-1963) VII, 1 and 2

Georgina Hermann and Stuart Laidlaw


Wharram VIII: The South Manor Area

Paul Stamper



Leo Webley, Christopher Evans, et al.


In the Field: The Archaeological Expeditions of the Kelsey...

S. E. Alcock and L. E. Talalay


Excavations at Ana

A. Northedge, A. Bamber, et al.


Tree-Rings, Kings and Old World Archaeology and Environment:...

Sturt W. Manning and Mary Jaye Bruce


The Holocene Evolution of the London Thames

Jane Sidell, Keith Wilkinson, et al.


Saxon, Medieval and Post-Medieval Settlement at Sol Central,...

Tom Wilson, Pat Miller, et al.