History of Western philosophy

Rene Guenon: Some Observations

Frithjof Schuon


Nietzsche: An Introduction

Gianni Vattimo


Personal Identity


Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits (Revised Edition)

Friedrich Nietzsche


Philosophy of Right

G. W. F. Hegel



L. T. Hobhouse


Michel Foucault

Clare O'Farrell


Heaven's Champion: William James's Philosophy of Religion

Ellen Kappy Suckiel


Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind.

Dugald Stewart and George Newenham Wright


Moralische Bl Tter. Ein Andachtsbuch Fur Gebildete. Neue...

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Witschel


Letters from Dr. J. G. in Defence of His Essay on the...

Alexander Crombie and Dr James Gregory


Platonis Quae Supersunt Opera. Textum Ad Fidem Codicum...

Plato and Johann Gottfried Stallbaum



Roman Ingarden