History of Western philosophy

Past, Present and Future

Arthur Prior


Kant: Natural Science

Immanuel Kant


The Philosopher`s Child - Critical Perspectives in the...

Susan M. Turner and Gareth B. Matthews


The Philosophy of John Dewey

Paul Arthur Schilpp and John Dewey


The Reveries of the Solitary Walker, Botanical Writings, and...

Christopher Kelly, Charles E. Butterworth, et al.


Seekers After God

Frederic William Farrar


German Philosophy and Politics

John Dewey


Confessions Of A Philosopher

Bryan Magee


Kritik der reinen Vernunft

Immanuel Kant


How History Matters to Philosophy: Reconsidering Philosophy's...

USA) Scharff Robert C. (University of New Hampshire


De L'Espirit or Essays on the Mind and Its Several Faculties

C. A. Helvetius and Claude Adrien Helvetius


Continental Idealism: Leibniz to Nietzsche

Australia) Redding Paul (University of Sydney


Lines of Thought: Discourse, Architectonics, and the Origin...

Claudia Brodsky Lacour