Ethics & moral philosophy

Elements of Moral Science (1836)

Francis Wayland


Pax: The Bean Chronicles

Stephen Stuart


Progressive Morality An Essay In Ethics

Thomas Fowler


Critical Affect: The Politics of Method

Ashley Barnwell


Trust in Medicine: Its Nature, Justification, Significance,...

Switzerland) Wolfensberger Markus (Universitat Basel and Anthony (Keele University) Wrigley


On God, The Soul, Evil and the Rise of Christianity

USA) Kenney John Peter (Saint Michael's College


The Study Of Ethics And Psychology

John Dewey


What is this thing called Ethics?

UK) Bennett Christopher (University of Sheffield


Moral Realism: A Defence

University of Wisconsin-Madison) Shafer-Landau Russ (Department of Philosophy


As Philosophy Revision Guide for Aqa (Unit D)

Brian Poxon and Liam Spencer