Ethics & moral philosophy

Role of Feelings in Morals

William Neblett



Stephen Loxton


Law as a Leap of Faith: Essays on Law in General

University of Oxford) Gardner Professor of Jurisprudence John (Professor of Jurisprudence


Poverty, Agency, and Human Rights

Diana Tietjens Meyers


A la recherche de la morale francaise

Benoit R Sorel


Hard Feelings: The Moral Psychology of Contempt

Macalester (Columbia University) Bell


Opting for the Best: Oughts and Options

School Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies Philosophical School of Historical Douglas W. (Professor of Philosophy


The Origins of Planetary Ethics in the Philosophy of Russian...

K Barezhev and A Bezgodov


Strukturen moralischer Komplexitat

Charles Larmore


AQA A2 Religious Studies Revision Pack (Ethics Unit 3A)

Brian Poxon and Charlotte Davidson


Contemporary Ethical Issues in Engineering

Satya Sundar Sethy


Studies New and Old of Ethical and Social Subjects

Frances Power Cobbe


Ethics Codes in Medicine: Foundations and Achievements of...

Ulrich Troehler, Stella Reiter-Theil, et al.


Essays In Rhyme On Morals And Manners

Jane Taylor


Ethics A-Z