Ethics & moral philosophy

Enneaden: Ethische Untersuchungen auf psychologischer...

Plotin and Hermann Friedrich Muller


Marcus Aurelius: Selbstbetrachtungen: Selbsterkenntnisse des...

F C Schneider and Marc Aurel


Sexuality, Learning Difficulties and Doing What's Right

Gavin Fairbairn, Denis Rowley, et al.


The Machinery of Government: Public Administration and the...

Professor in the Depar Joseph (Professor in the Department of Philosphy and the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy


Bodacious Blues

Whitney J LeBlanc


From Psychology to Morality: Essays in Ethical Naturalism

University of Texas at Austin) Deigh Professor of Law and Philosophy John (Professor of Law and Philosophy


The Food, Water and Energy Nexus: Conflicts, Ethics and...

Japan) Neef Andreas (Kyoto University


Oration on the Dignity of Man

Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola


John Stuart Mills Lehre von der Erziehung

Karl Wehrmann


Prisons and their Moral Performance: A Study of Values,...

and Fellow of Trinity Hall Cambridge) Liebli University Lecturer in Criminal Justice Prisons Research Centre Alison (Director and University of Cambridge) Arnold Helen (Institute of Criminology


The Meaning of Evil

James Sias