Ethics & moral philosophy

Disability, Difference, Discrimination: Perspectives on...

Anita Silvers, David Wasserman, et al.


Ethics, Killing and War

Canterbury) Norman Richard (University of Kent


On Consumer Culture, Identity, the Church and the Rhetorics...

UK) Clavier Dr Mark (Brecon Cathedral



S. Bukhory


On Faith and Science

Michael Ruse and Edward J. Larson


Evolving Possibilities: Selected Works of Bill O'Hanlon

Bob Bertolino and Stephanie O'Hanlon


Grundriss der evangelischen Ethik

Hermann Schultz


Doing and Allowing Harm

Fiona (University of Southampton) Woollard


Sonnenenergie: Herausforderung Fur Forschung, Entwicklung Und...

Jochen Diekmann, Alfred Gierer, et al.


Evil and Moral Psychology

USA) Barry Peter Brian (Saginaw Valley State University


Plough Quarterly No. 6: Witness

Nathaniel Peters, Channah Ben-Eliezer, et al.


Plough Quarterly No. 7: Mercy

Naomi Shihab Nye, Charles E. Moore, et al.


Causing Harm: A Logico-Legal Study

Lennart Aqvist and Philip Mullock


Law and Irresponsibility: On the Legitimation of Human Suffering

Scott (University of Hong Kong) Veitch


Private Wrongs

Arthur Ripstein


The Book of Outcomes

Stephen Ridley


The Origin and Growth of the Moral Instinct

Alexander Sutherland


A Handbook of Ethical Theory

George Stuart Fullerton