Social & political philosophy

Situational Breakdowns: Understanding Protest Violence and...

D Assistant Professor John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies Department of Sociology Anne (Assistant Professor


Taking Aim at Attack Advertising: Understanding the Impact of...

Arizona State University) Fridkin Professor of Political Science Kim (Professor of Political Science and Arizona State Uni Dean and Foundation Professor of Political Sciene Patrick (Dean and Foundation Professor of Political Sciene


Democratic Practice: Origins of the Iberian Divide in...

Conex-Marie Curie Professor of Political Science and Robert M. (Conex-Marie Curie Professor of Political Science and Sociology


Gott und der Staat (Klassiker des Anarchismus)

Michail Bakunin


Nomoi - Die Suche nach der bestmoeglichen Staatsverfassung:...

Franz Susemihl and Platon


Gesammelte Werke: Der Furst + Die Discorsi + Mensch und Staat...

Alfred Von Reumont, Johann Gottlob Regis, et al.


The Far-Right, Education and Violence: An Educational...

China) Peters Michael A. (Beijing Normal University and China) Besley Tina (Beijing Normal University


Beyond Humanity?: The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement

Allen E. (Duke University) Buchanan


A General Theory of Domination and Justice

Washington University in St. Louis) Lovett Frank (Assistant Professor of Political Science


Recovering International Relations: The Promise of...

Colgate University) Visiting Assitant Professor of Political Science Daniel (Visiting Assitant Professor of Political Science


Foucault and Power: The Influence of Political Engagement on...

USA) Hoffman Dr. Marcelo (Independent Scholar


Democratic Legitimacy

UK) Peter Fabienne (University of Warwick


The New Atlantis

Francis Bacon


The Moral Ecology of Markets: Assessing Claims about Markets...

Minnesota) Finn Daniel (Saint John's University