Religion: general

Las bendiciones del Desierto

Cristian Gil


Pagan Ideas of Immortality During the Early Roman Empire

Clifford Herschel Moore


Midrash, Mishnah, and Gemara

David Weiss (Columbia University) Halivni


An Inventory of American Jewish History

Moses Rischin


The Hebrew Christian Witness and Prophetic Investigator

Moses Margoliouth


Intertwined: My Heart with His

Dee Tracy


The Christian Pluralist: An Invitation from the Pew

C. Buffie William and R. Charles John


The Bartender

Michael McNichols


All the Evidence You Will Ever Need

Paul D Baba


Kaarlo Syvantoe

Unto Kunnas


Portfolio of Painterly Poems

Sharon R Chace


Portraits of Jesus in the Gospel of John

Dr Robert P Lightner


The Better Way

Dr Clark Ron


Calvin and the Federal Vision

Jeong Koo Jeon


Through the Darkest Valley

Teresa S Smith


The Scroll of Anatiya

Zoe Klein


Pages Called Holy

J Ted Voigt


God and Dreams

John Pratt Bingham


As Though It Were Actually True

Matthew E Cochran