Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church

Revelations of Divine Love

Julian of Norwich


The Practice Of The Presence Of God

Brother Lawrence


What Faith Really Means: A Simple Explanation

Henry Grey Graham


Eucharistic Devotion: Renewing a Timeless Tradition

Redemptorist Pastoral Publication


A Church of Passion and Hope: The Formation of An Ecclesial...

Canada) CJ University of Toronto Gill K. Goulding (Jesuit School of Theology


Moses and the Torah: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

Fr Joseph Ponessa and Laurie Manhardt


The 5 W's of Our Catholic Faith: Learning to Love (Participant)

Redemptorist Pastoral Publication


Names That Live in Catholic Hearts (1882)

Anna T. Sadlier


Suitably Speaking

Michael Stinson


The Principles of Christian Apologetics

T J Walshe


How Popes are Chosen and Other Essays (1927)

P.H. Gallen


The Hidden Life of Jesus

Henri-Marie Boudon


The Theology of William Tyndale

Ralph S. Werrell