The Schechter Haggadah: Art, History and Commentary

Rabbi David Golinkin and Dr. Joshua Kulp


Family Papers: A Sephardic Journey Through the Twentieth Century

Sarah Abrevaya Stein


History of Jewish Literature Vol. 3 (1930)

Meyer Waxman


Path of the Kaballah

David Sheinkin


Evil and Suffering in Jewish Philosophy

Oliver (Liverpool John Moores University) Leaman


Sob a Sobra de Um Xale

Sieja Bertin Carolina


Renegatentum Des Geistes

Joseph Carlebach


Judaism: Its Doctrines and Duties (1872)

Isaac M. Wise


Be Still and Get Going

Lew a.


Fighting To Become Americans

Riv-Ellen Prell


The Legend of the Baal-Shem

Martin Buber


To Be Chasidic: A Contemporary Guide

Chaim Dalfin


The Household Book of Hints and Tips

Diane Raintree


On Comforting Wings

Rabbi Steven J Kaplan