Other non-Christian religions

Two Sources of Indian Asceticism

Johannes Bronkhorst


Maya Identities and the Violence of Place: Borders Bleed

Charles D. Thompson and JR


Sharia and the State in Pakistan: Blasphemy Politics

USA) Haq Farhat (Monmouth College


Indian Demonology: The Inverted Pantheon

N. N. Bhattacharyya


Rastafari: The Messiah

Janhoi M. Jaja


A Humanist Wedding Service

Corliss Lamont


Rastafari: From Outcasts to Culture Bearers

Barnard College) Edmonds Director of Multicultural Affairs Ennis Barrington (Director of Multicultural Affairs


The Buddhist Saints of the Forest and the Cult of Amulets

Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah


New Religions in Global Perspective: Religious Change in the...

UK) Clarke London and University of Oxford Peter B. (King's College


Blackfoot Religion and the Consequences of Cultural...

Kenneth Hayes Lokensgard