Other non-Christian religions

Autobiography of a Yogi (Farsi)

Paramahansa Yogananda


Ecstatic Encounters: Bahian Candomble and the Quest for the...

PROF. DR. Mattijs van de Port


Vodun: Secrecy and the Search for Divine Power

Timothy R. Landry


The Religious Culture of India: Power, Love and Wisdom

Friedhelm (University of London) Hardy


Dictionary of Native American Mythology

Sam D. Gill and Irene F. Sullivan


The Origins of Yoga and Tantra: Indic Religions to the...

Geoffrey (Cardiff University) Samuel


Buddha, Marx, and God: Some aspects of religion in the modern...

Steven Axelrod and Trevor Ling


The Oldest Christian People: History and Traditions of the...

William Chauncey Emhardt and George M. Lamsa


Sacred Suicide

Carole M. Cusack


Kalevala Mythology, Revised Edition

Juha Y. Pentikainen



Paramahansa Yogananda


Kannon Power

Yasuto Nishitani


The Five "Confucian" Classics

Michael Nylan


My Tao Te Ching: A Workbook for Interpreting the Teachings...

Henry M Piironen and M Piironen Henry M Piironen


Hippie to Mystic

Stanley (Dyal) Roberts