Liberation Beyond Borders

Surekha Nelavala


Ten Sermons on the Second Advent

Dr Bullinger E W


The Challenge is in the Naming

Lydia Neufeld Harder


Family Devotions

Neil M. Phelan Jr.


Isaiah 53: Who Is the Servant?

Gerald Sigal


An Inner Awakening



The Body of Christ and the Body of India

George Thomas Kuzhippallil


Survival on Meagre Resources: Hadendowa Pastoralism in the...

Knut Krzywinski, Ole R. Vetaas, et al.


Suffering, Change, and Marginality

Chansoon Lim


The Nightingale

Saint Bonaventure


The Responsibility Of The World To Immortality

Charles Lewis Slattery


Popolo della nuova ed eterna alleanza

Flavio Bedodi


Toward a Relational Spirit Ecclesiology in Asia

Abraham Kadaliyil



Gustav Baur



Fr G Peabody


A Sociology of Spirituality

Peter C. Jupp