Occult studies

Magic in Theory: An Introduction to the Theoretical and...

Peter Lamont and Richard Wiseman


El Mundo Secreto de Walter Mercado

Walter Mercado


Binding Words: Textual Amulets in the Middle Ages

Princeton University) Skemer Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library Don C. (Curator of Manuscripts


Judy Hall's Complete Crystal Workshop

Judy Hall


Astrology and Psychic Phenomena

Andre Kole and Terry Holley


Modern Occultism in Late Imperial Russia

Julia Mannherz


Human Personality 2 Volume Set: And its Survival of Bodily Death

Frederic William Henry Myers


Quareia the Adept Book Fourteen

Josephine McCarthy


Restless Dead: Encounters between the Living and the Dead in...

Sarah Iles Johnston


Ars Salomonis: Being of that Hidden Arte of Solomon the King

Gary St Michael Nottingham


Ars Speculum: Being an Instruction on the Arte of Using...

Gary St Michael Nottingham


Quareia the Apprentice

Josephine McCarthy


In Pursuit of Satan: The Police and the Occult

Robert D. Hicks


Origins: The Quest for Our Cosmic Roots

Tom Yulsman


Ancient Greek Divination

Sarah Iles Johnston