Cultural studies

Understanding Masculinities

Mairtin Mac an Ghaill


Sociology of Postmodernism

UK) Lash Scott (Goldsmiths College London


Working With Men For Change

Jim Wild and Jim Wild.



UK) Hawkins University of London Harriet (Royal Holloway


Egypt's Culture Wars: Politics and Practice

Egypt) Mehrez Samia (American University in Cairo


The Race Game: Sport and Politics in South Africa

New Zealand) Booth Douglas (University of Waikato


Culture Industry

Heinz Steinert


Caribbean Street Food Trinidad

Anu Lakhan


Video, War and the Diasporic Imagination

Dona Kolar-Panov


Liberating the Enclave

D C Zook


Unpoisoning the Well

D C Zook


Tourism in Japan: An Ethno-Semiotic Analysis

Arthur Asa Berger