History of ideas

Braid of Feathers: American Indian Law and Contemporary...

Frank Pommersheim


Traveling Back: Toward a Global Political Theory

Pomona College) McWilliams Associate Professor of Politics Susan (Associate Professor of Politics


Durkheim and the Birth of Economic Sociology

Philippe Steiner


Philosophy, The Federalist, and the Constitution

Princeton University) White Institute for Advanced Studies Professor Institute for Advanced Studies Morton (Professor


The Science of a Legislator: The Natural Jurisprudence of...

Knud (University Of Erfurt) Haakonssen


Discerning Characters: The Culture of Appearance in Early...

Christopher J. Lukasik


A History of Water: Water, Geopolitics and the New World Order

Roar Hagen, Terje Tvedt, et al.


The Shape of the New: Four Big Ideas and How They Made the...

Scott L. Montgomery and Daniel Chirot


The White Image in the Black Mind: African-American Ideas...

and C Assistant Professor of History and Co-Director of the Center for Historial Analysis Mia (Assistant Professor of History


The Dutch Revolt