Ethical issues: abortion & birth control


Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan


Surviving Obama: How to Navigate the Obama Wreckage

David J Phillips


Sex and Consequences: Abortion, Public Policy, and the...

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Abortion in the United States: A Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition

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Breaking the Abortion Deadlock: From Choice to Consent

Northeastern University) McDonagh Associate Professor of Political Science Eileen L. (Associate Professor of Political Science


Beautiful Life


Before Roe: Abortion Policy in the States

Rosemary Nossiff


Just the Facts: Abortion A to Z

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International Handbook on Abortion

Paul Sachdev


Abortion & Common Sense

Ruth Dixon-Mueller and Paul K B Dagg


Understanding Abortion

Mary Pipes and Women's Health


Abortion Then and Now

Margaret Sparrow


Abortion Regret: The New Attack on Reproductive Freedom

J. Shoshanna Ehrlich and Alesha E. Doan


The Moral Case for Abortion

Ann Furedi


Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women

Fisher Brian Fisher


Criminal Justice and Moral Issues

Omaha) Meier Robert F. (University of Nebraska and Irvine) Geis Gilbert (University of California


Women of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement

Jennifer Nelson