Crime & criminology

Criminological Theory: A Brief Introduction

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Maritime Piracy

Robert Haywood and Roberta Spivak


Victims' Rights in Flux: Criminal Justice Reform in Colombia

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Rethinking the Reasonable Person: An Egalitarian...

University of Toronto) Moran Faculty of Law Mayo (Associate Professor


The Cultural Categorisation of Crime, Deviance and Disorder

(Ed (Health Protection Agency Centre for Infections London UK King's College London UK Health Protection Agency Centre for Jane


Judging Children As Children: A Proposal for a Juvenile...

Michael Corriero


Narratives of Guilt and Compliance in Unified Germany: Stasi...

Albuquerque) Miller Barbara (University of New Mexico


Understanding Psychology and Crime

James McGuire


Foundations of Crime Analysis: Data, Analyses, and Mapping

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Condemned to Die: Life Under Sentence of Death

USA.) Johnson Robert (North Carolina State University