Crime & criminology

Crime Victims: An Introduction to Victimology

Andrew (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) Karmen


Inside the Mind of a Serial Rapist

Ph.D. Stevens Dennis J


Criminal Justice Research: Inspiration, Influence and Ideation

Ray Bull and Ian K. McKenzie


Die Wiedereingliederung von Hochrisikotatern in Europa -...

Frieder Dunkel, Ineke Pruin, et al.


Invading the Private: State Accountability and New...

Stewart Field and Caroline Pelser


Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Minnesota) Hess Karen (Normandale Community College, Christine (Orthmann Writing and Research) Hess Orthmann, et al.


Criminal Justice and Mental Health: An Overview for Students

Jada Hector and David Khey


McGregor's Fuses

Edward Gibson


Introduction to Security: Operations and Management

Brian Johnson and Patrick Ortmeier