Crime & criminology

Negotiating Hostage Crises with the New Terrorists

Keith M. Fitzgerald and Adam Dolnik


Internet Searches for Vetting, Investigations, and...

USA) Appel Delaware Bethany Beach Edward J. (iNameCheck LLC


Targeted Violence: A Statistical and Tactical Analysis of...

USA) McGovern California San Jose Bureau of Investigation Glenn P. (Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office


The Neurobiology of Criminal Behavior: Gene-Brain-Culture...

Anthony Walsh and Jonathan D. Bolen


Preventing Sexual Harm: Positive Criminology and Sexual Abuse

UK) Rahman Nottingham Trent University Mohammed (School of Social Sciences, Sarah Pemberton, et al.


American Roulette: The Social Logic of Death Penalty...

Sarah Beth Kaufman


The Hoods: Crime and Punishment in Belfast

Heather Hamill


Pursuing Justice: Traditional and Contemporary Issues in Our...

Ralph A. Weisheit and USA) Morn Frank (Illinois State University


Therapeutic Correctional Relationships: Theory, research and...

United States) Lewis Sarah (University of Delaware


Einsicht in Gewalt

Svenja Taubner


Pleadings, Oral Arguments, Documents, Volume III: Territorial...

International Court of Justice


Pleadings, Oral Arguments, Documents, Volume VII: Territorial...

International Court of Justice


Introduction to Criminology

Hugh D. Barlow and David Kauzlarich