Politics & government

Explaining Civil Society Core Activism

Tove Linden


Between Chaos and Sclerosis

Dietrich Druner


Democracy, Participation, and Deliberation in China

Netherlands) Salmenkari Taru (Universiteit Leiden


The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain

Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan


Red Flag in Japan

Paul Langer and Rodger Swearingen


Labor Politics American Style

Philip Taft


Metropolis 1985

Professor Raymond (Harvard University) Vernon


Diplomacy in the Nuclear Age

Lester B Pearson


The Spirit of Liberalism

Jr Mansfield Harvey C


Balloons & Baloney

Jacques Ferraris


Chinas Engagement in Afrika

Benjamin Peter


Die BILD Zeitung. Im Spannungsfeld moderner OEffentlichkeit

Khashayar Hodaei and Jan Christoph Moeller


Making Foreign Policy Decisions: Presidential Briefings

Christopher J. Fettweis


The Knowledge Solution: Politics

Various Authors