Comparative politics

Access All Areas: The Diversity Manifesto for TV and Beyond

Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder


The Narrow Corridor: How Nations Struggle for Liberty

Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson


The Caucasus: An Introduction

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) de Waal Senior Associate Thomas (Senior Associate


Crises of Democracy

Adam (New York University) Przeworski


Experimentelle Designs in der politikwissenschaftlichen...

Susumu Shikano, Thorsten Faas, et al.


Kinship and Consent CB



Migration and Integration in Europe, Southeast Asia, and...

Marshall Clark and Juliet Pietsch


Paths to Development in Asia: South Korea, Vietnam, China,...

Tuong (University of Oregon) Vu


Urban Politics After Apartheid

Sandrine Gukelberger


Comparing Environmental Policies in 16 Countries

USA) Davis Ohio David Howard (University of Toledo Department of Political Science


Democracy within Parties: Candidate Selection Methods and...

Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Hazan Reuven Y. (Political Science Department and Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Rahat Gideon (Political Science Department


Constitutional Change in the Contemporary Socialist World

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law) Bui Assistant Professor Ngoc Son (Assistant Professor