Political ideologies

The Tyranny of Merit: What's Become of the Common Good?

Michael J. Sandel


The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels


The Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith


On Liberty

John Stuart Mill


Introducing Capitalism: A Graphic Guide

Sharron Shatil, Dan Cryan, et al.


Fascism: A Very Short Introduction

Kevin (Reader in History at Cardiff University) Passmore


Populism: A Very Short Introduction

University of Georgia) Mudde Associate Professor of International Affairs Cas (Associate Professor of International Affairs and Chile) Diego Portales University Associate Professor of Political Science Cristobal (Associate Professor of Political Science


Defending Politics: Why Democracy Matters in the 21st Century

University of Sheffield) Flinders Matthew (Professor of Politics


The Rights of Man

H. G. Wells



John Walton


On the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

Etienne Balibar


Amit Shah and the March of BJP

Anirban Ganguly and Shiwanand Dwivedi


Nos 5 Sens...Our 5 Senses