Constitution: government & the state

Popular Sovereignty in Early Modern Constitutional Thought

Berkeley) University of California Assistant Professor of Political Science Daniel (Assistant Professor of Political Science


Uganda's Transition from Amin to Aminism

Kizito Michael George


Sotsial'naya Politika V Sovremennoy Rossii

Tavokin Evgeniy


Constructing Sovereignty between Politics and Law

the Netherlands) Aalberts Tanja E. (Leiden University


Urban Nation

Alan Broadbent


Trump vs. the Leviathan

Chris Buskirk


The Nevada State Constitution

University of Nevada Professor of Political Science and Public Law Michael W. (Professor of Political Science and Public Law


Covremennoe Rossiyskoe Obshchestvo

Mel'kov Sergey and Perendzhiev Aleksandr


American Government and Politics Today: Essentials 2017-2018...

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The Conscientious Justice: How Supreme Court Justices'...

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Misreading the Bill of Rights: Top Ten Myths Concerning Your...

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Policy Styles in Western Europe

New Zealand) Richardson Jeremy (University of Canterbury


Knowing Women: Same-Sex Intimacy, Gender, and Identity in...

Switzerland) Dankwa Serena Owusua (Universitat Bern


Gosudarstvo Protiv Konstitutsii

Ermolenko Andrey


Representing the Advantaged: How Politicians Reinforce...

St Louis) Butler Daniel M. (Washington University


Political Affairs of Contemporary Iran

Fakhreddin Soltani