Elections & referenda

How the GOP Stole America's 2004 Election & Is Rigging 2008

Harvey Wasserman and Robert J. Fitrakis


Campaign Strategy in Direct Democracy

Laurent Bernhard


The Representative of the People?: Voters and Voting in...

Derek (University of Cambridge) Hirst


Who will rule in 2019?

Jan-Jan Joubert


Where Have All the Heroes Gone?: The Changing Nature of...

Fairleigh Dickinson University) Peabody Professor of Political Science Bruce G. (Professor of Political Science and Fairleigh Dickinson University) Jenkins Professor of Political Science Krista (Professor of Political Science


Runsmart: Running for Local Office on a Shoestring

Ken Maddox and Michael Richman


Money and Electoral Politics: Local Parties and Funding at...

University of Bristol) Johnston Ron (Department of Geography and University of Sheffield.) Pattie Charles (Department of Geography


The Elections in Israel 2009

Michal Shamir


The British General Election of 1970

D. Butler, M. Pinto-Duschinsky, et al.


Parties and Elections in America: The Electoral Process

L. Sandy Maisel and Mark D. Brewer


The Elections in Israel 2003

Michal Shamir


Slingshot: The Defeat of Eric Cantor

Lauren Cohen Bell, David Elliot Meyer, et al.


Epic Journey & American Elections (Pack)

Multiple Authors


Why Gore Will Win in 2000

Steven A Ludsin