Political leaders & leadership

Snapshots of Great Leadership

USA) Howell Jon P. (New Mexico State University and USA) Wanasika Isaac (University of Northern Colorado


Cities and Spaces of Leadership: A Geographical Perspective

Cristina D'Alessandro and Frannie Leautier


Narendra Modi: The Man, the Times

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay


Presidential Management of Science and Technology: The...

W. Henry Lambright


The Powers to Lead

Harvard University) Nye Professor of Governmment Joseph (Professor of Governmment


The King and His Dominion Governors, 1936

Herbert Vere Evatt


At Power's Elbow: Aides to the Prime Minister from Robert...

George Jones and Andrew Blick


The Prince

Luigi Ricci and Niccolo (Lancaster University) Machiavelli


Global Leadership Perspectives: Insights and Analysis

Simon Western and Eric-Jean Garcia


The Modern Presidency

Nelson W. Polsby


Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Preserver of Spirit & Hope

Barbara Bennett Peterson