Political structures: democracy

Outsourcing Us Intelligence: Private Contractors and...

Damien Van Puyvelde


Civic Power: Rebuilding American Democracy in an Era of Crisis

K.Sabeel (Brooklyn Law School) Rahman and New York) Russon Gilman Hollie (Columbia University


The Democracy Reader

Sondra Myers


The Predicament of Democratic Man

Edmond Cahn


Citizenship Rights and Social Movements: A Comparative and...

and Director of the Centr Professor of Government and Director of the Centre for Mexican Studies Joe (Professor of Government and and Deputy Director of the Lecturer in Government and Deputy Director of the Human Rights Centre Todd (Lecturer in Government


I Vote...and I Hate Politicians

John B Good


The South and the Nation: A History of American Democracy

George H. Slappey


Counter Realignment: Political Change in the Northeastern...

University of Connecticut) Reiter Howard L. (Professor Emeritus and Jeffrey M. Stonecash


Real Democracy Occupy: No Stable Ground

Norway) Szolucha Anna (Polish Academy of Sciences and University of Bergen


Democracy Promotion as US Foreign Policy: Bill Clinton and...

UK) Bouchet Nicolas (University of London