Political structures: democracy

Parliaments and the Economic Governance of the European...

Germany) Maatsch Aleksandra (University of Cologne


Socialismo fareblas: Alternativoj el la komputilo

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Dare to Say It

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Direct Democracy in Switzerland

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Pluralism, Socialism, and Political Legitimacy: Reflections...

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The Democracy Reader

Sondra Myers


Citizenship Rights and Social Movements: A Comparative and...

and Director of the Centr Professor of Government and Director of the Centre for Mexican Studies Joe (Professor of Government and and Deputy Director of the Lecturer in Government and Deputy Director of the Human Rights Centre Todd (Lecturer in Government


The Predicament of Democratic Man

Edmond Cahn


Democracy in Malaysia: Discourses and Practices

Khoo Boo Teik Khoo and Francis Loh


Republic Earth

Daniel White


Redesigning Democracy: The Welsh Labour Party and Devolution

Geoff Mungham and Kevin Morgan


The Politics of Imprisonment: How the Democratic Process...

Florida State University) Barker Assistant Professor of Criminology Vanessa (Assistant Professor of Criminology


Hello Stupid

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Democracy after Virtue: Toward Pragmatic Confucian Democracy

City University of Hong Kong) Kim Professor of Political Theory Sungmoon (Professor of Political Theory


New American Democracy, The

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The Case against Democracy

Steven Michels