Central government

John McCain

Richard Kozar


The Gravity Well: America's Next, Greatest Mission

Stephen Sandford


The Mueller Report: Full-Size, Indexed, Remastered &...

Robert S Mueller and Carlile Media


Nancy Pelosi: Politician



Contracting for Change: Contracts in Health, Social Care, and...

University of Birmingham) Walsh late Professor of Public Sector Management Kieron (late Professor of Public Sector Management, University of Birmingham Professor of Social Policy and Administration Nicholas (Professor of Social Policy and Administration, et al.


Performance or Compliance?: Performance Audit and Public...

European Commission) Summa Directorate General for Budgets Head of Evaluation Sector Hilkka (Head of Evaluation Sector, Marit (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) Waerness, et al.


How the Soviet Union Is Governed

Merle Fainsod and Jerry F. Hough


User Charging for Government Services: Best Practice...

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development


A Primer

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The Twenty-First-Century Radical Tom


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New Frontiers in the Public Sector Management: Trends and...

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State Liability in Tort: A Comparative Law Study

Duncan (Universite de Paris II) Fairgrieve


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