Central government

Guide to Selecting Maintenance Strategies for Capital Facilities

Bruce G. Steinthal and Harry P. Hatry


Federal Housing Policy at President Reagan's Midterm

etc. and Raymond J. Struyk


Reagan and the Cities


Reagan Black Grants

etc. and George E. Peterson


Tax Reform and Real Estate



State Power

Bob Jessop


Broken Purse Strings: Congressional Budgeting, 1974-1988

Rudolph G. Penner and Alan J. Abramson


Reagan Regulatory Strategy: An Assessment

Michael Fix and George C. Eads


Regulating Utilities


If We Can Put a Man on the Moon: Getting Big Things Done in...

John O'Leary and William D. Eggers


Legislative Reform: The Policy Impact

Leroy N. Rieselbach


The Private Journals of the Long Parliament, vol. 1

Anne Steele Young, Vernon F. Snow, et al.


Greenspan Commission: What Really Happened

Robert M. Ball


Governance IV: Problems, Process, and Interaction

Kenneth W. Thompson