Environmental economics

INSDE ISO 14000: The Competitive Advantage of Environmental...

USA) Sayre Washington Kennewick Donald Alford (Consultant


Growing Livelihoods: Local Food Systems and Community...

USA) Wharton Chris (Arizona State University and USA) Phillips Rhonda (Purdue University


Quality of the Environment: An Economic Approach to Some...

Orris C. Herfindahl and Allen V. Kneese


Ecology, Engineering, and Management: Reconciling Ecosystem...

Techno Faculty of Policy Associate Professor and Management Technology Faculty of Policy Michel J. G. (Associate Professor and Barbara M. White Chair in Public Policy an Emery (Barbara M. White Chair in Public Policy and Director of Public Policy Program


Global Challenges: An Approach to Environmental, Political,...

Todd (University of Southern California) Sandler


Water Use and Poverty Reduction

Md. Fakrul Islam


Man-made Catastrophes and Risk Information Concealment: Case...

Didier Sornette and Dmitry Chernov


Economics, Natural-Resource Scarcity and Development:...

USA) Barbier Edward B (University of Wyoming


Corporate Environmental Policies

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Financial Steering: Valuation, KPI Management and the...

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