Economic & financial crises & disasters

Transmission Channels of Financial Shocks to Stock, Bond, and...

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Crisis: Cause, Containment and Cure

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Fighting Financial Crises: Learning from the Past

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The Physics of Finance: Predicting the Unpredictable: How...

James Owen Weatherall


Crisis And Recovery: Learning From The Asian Experience

Korea) Lee Jong-wha (Korea Univ


Global Imbalances and the Financial Crisis

Steven Dunaway


Safe as Houses?: The Uneven Integration of Housing, Mortgage,...

UK) Smith Durham University Susan J. (Professor of Geography and a Director of the Institute of Advanced Study


Recessions: Prospects & Developments

Nerea M Perez


Central Banks into the Breach: From Triumph to Crisis and the...

Wilfrid Viessmann European Research Centre Professor of Economics and Director Pierre L. (Professor of Economics and Director