Economic & financial crises & disasters

Central Banks into the Breach: From Triumph to Crisis and the...

Wilfrid Viessmann European Research Centre Professor of Economics and Director Pierre L. (Professor of Economics and Director


After the Crisis: Rethinking Finance


Credit Guarantee Institutions and SME Finance

Paola Leone and Gianfranco A. Vento


The Housing Boom and Bust: Revised Edition

Thomas Sowell


A Global History of the Financial Crash of 2007-10

Johan A. (Managing Director) Lybeck


Global Bank Regulation: Principles and Policies

Washington D.C.) Schooner The Catholic University of America Heidi Mandanis (Columbus School of Law and Michael W. (International Monetary Fund) Taylor


A Comparative History of Bank Failures: From Medici to Barings

Sweden) Jonsson Sten (University of Gothenburg


Law & financial stability

International Monetary Fund


Essays on the global financial crisis

International Monetary Fund