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McNae's Essential Law for Journalists

Senior Lecturer and Chair of the NCTJ Media Law Examin Mark (Senior Lecturer and Chair of the NCTJ Media Law Examinations Board and Press Association and member of the NCTJ Media Law Examinations Board) Dodd Legal Editor Mike (Legal Editor


Belo: From Newspapers to New Media

Judith Garrett Segura


Sob Sister Journalism

Phyllis Abramson


Stick It Up Your Punter!: The Uncut Story of the Sun Newspaper

Chris Horrie and Peter Chippindale


Reporting the EU: News, Media and the European Institutions

Cristina Marconi and New Zealand) Lloyd Nelson John (Axis Associates


Selling Electronic Media

Ed Shane


Untended Gates: The Mismanaged Press

Norman Isaacs



Erich Strassner



Erich Strassner


Understanding Journalism

Benjamin J Matthews and Lynette Sheridan Burns


The New Precision Journalism

Philip Meyer


Determinanten Der Auslandsberichterstattung: Eine...

Christine Heimprecht


Digital Journalism

Janet Jones and Lee Salter