The Rule of Law

Tom Bingham


Burnout Survival Kit: Instant relief from modern work

Imogen (Writer) Dall


No Lawyers in Heaven: A Life Defending Serious Crime

Henry Milner


Why Women Are Blamed For Everything

Dr Jessica Taylor


Enemies of the People?: How Judges Shape Society

Joshua (Journalist and broadcaster) Rozenberg


Running a Limited Company

David Impey and Nick Montague


Gypsy and Traveller Law

Marc Willers QC


Information Technology Law: The Law and Society

London School of Economics and Political Science) Murray Andrew (Professor of Law


Family Law, 9th edition

Jonathan Herring


The Republic



Scottish Environmental Law Essentials

Francis McManus


Ronald Dworkin: Third Edition

Stephen Guest


Lions under the Throne: Essays on the History of English...

Stephen (University of Oxford) Sedley


Scottish Criminal Law Essentials

Claire McDiarmid


What About Law?: Studying Law at University

Catherine Barnard, Janet O'Sullivan, et al.


Is Eating People Wrong?: Great Legal Cases and How they...

Toronto) Hutchinson York University Allan C. (Osgoode Hall Law School


Criminal Justice: A Very Short Introduction

University of Oxford) Roberts Julian V. (Professor of Criminology





Scottish Evidence Law Essentials

James Chalmers


Birds' Modern Insurance Law

Professor John Birds


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