Legal skills & practice

The Successful Law Student: An Insider's Guide to Studying Law

Senior Teaching Fellow in Law; Director of Educa Imogen (Senior Teaching Fellow in Law; Director of Education in the Law School and University of Leeds) Newbery-Jones Lecturer in Legal Education Craig (Lecturer in Legal Education


Artificial Intelligence and Legal Analytics: New Tools for...

Kevin D. (University of Pittsburgh) Ashley


Hong Kong Listed Companies: Law & Practice

Nigel Davis and Bgs Bgs Cda Cda Melanie


Giving Legal Advice: An Adviser's Handbook

Elaine Heslop


How to Have a Wildly Successful Career in Compliance

Kristy Grant-Hart


Resumes for Law Careers

Editors of VGM


Modern Legal Drafting: A Guide to Using Clearer Language

Richard Castle and Peter Butt


Career Opportunities in Law and the Legal Industry

Susan Echaore-McDavid


Excellence in the Workplace, Legal and Life Skills in a Nutshell

Kay Kavanagh and Paula Nailon


Learning Legal Skills

Belfast) Fox Queen's University Lecturer in Law Marie (Lecturer in Law and Christine (University of Ulster) Bell


Effective Writing: A Handbook with Stories for Lawyers

John Phelps Warnock and Harold C. Warnock


Urban Lawyers: The New Social Structure of the Bar

Rebecca L. Sandefur, John P. Heinz, et al.


Notary Public Record Book

Speedy Publishing LLC


The Trial Lawyer's Art

Sam Schrager


Soft Skills for the Effective Lawyer

Randall Kiser