International environmental law

The History of Global Climate Governance

Joyeeta (Universiteit van Amsterdam) Gupta


The Theory of International Energy Law

Raphael Heffron


Global Environmental Law

Ricardo Luis Lorenzetti and Pablo Ricardo Lorenzetti


Ultrasocial: The Evolution of Human Nature and the Quest for...

New York) Gowdy John M. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Deepwater Horizon: A Systems Analysis of the Macondo Disaster

Earl Boebert and James M. Blossom


Antarctic Environmental Protection

Donald R. Rothwell and Ruth Davis


Deliberative Global Governance

Jonathan (University of Canberra) Pickering, Jensen (University of Canberra) Sass, et al.


Applying the Precautionary Principle

Ronnie Harding and Adrian Deville


Transnational Environmental Regulation and Governance:...

Veerle (London School of Economics and Political Science) Heyvaert