Maturation & ageing

Lifespan: Why We Age - and Why We Don't Have to

Dr David A. Sinclair


Androgen Deficiency in The Adult Male: Causes, Diagnosis and...

UK) Carruthers England London Malcolm (Consultant Andrologist


Basic Biology and Clinical Impact of Immunosenescence

D-72072 Waldhoernlestr. 22 Center for Medical Research (ZMF) University of Tubingen G. (Professor of Experimental Immunology


Applied Cryobiology - Human Biostasis Volume I.

Gregory Fahy and Aschwin de Wolf




Second Wind: The Rise of the Ageless Athlete

Lee Bergquist


The Clock of Ages: Why We Age, How We Age, Winding Back the...

John J. (University of Washington) Medina


Peter Pan puede crecer


¿Soy yo o son mis hormonas?


New Directions in Aging Research: Health & Cognition

Ruby R Brougham


Social Welfare, Personal Budgets & Care: A Case Study

Jason L Powell


Biology of Aging

USA) McDonald Roger B. (University of California at Davis


Longevity & Evolution

Gustavo Barja


Human Chromosomes & Aging: From 80 to 114 Years

Teimuraz Lezhava