History of mathematics

Humble Pi: A Comedy of Maths Errors

Matt Parker


The History of Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction

Oxford) Stedall The Queen's College Jacqueline (Senior Research Fellow


The World as a Mathematical Game: John von Neumann and...

Giorgio Israel and Ana Millan Gasca


Robert of Chester's Redaction of Euclid's Elements, the...

M. Folkerts and H.L. Busard


Calculating Instruments and Machines

Douglas R. Hartree


The History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy

Washington) Evans Tacoma University of Puget Sound Professor of Physics James (Professor of Physics



Hans Hermes, Klaus (Technische Univ Munchen Germany) Mainzer, et al.


Collected Works of Bernhard Riemann

Bernhard Riemann


A History of the Work Concept: From Physics to Economics

Agamenon R. E. Oliveira