Science: general issues

Underland - A Deep Time Journey

Robert MacFarlane


Best American Science and Nature Writing 2020

Edited by Michio Kaku


The Natural Navigator

Tristan Gooley


How the Mind Works

Steven Pinker



Thomas Moynihan


The Fractal Brain Theory

Wai Tsang


Genes: A Very Short Introduction

USA) Slack UK and the University of Minnesota Jonathan (Emeritus Professor at the University of Bath


Dr Space Junk vs The Universe

Alice Gorman


The Science of Interstellar

Kip Thorne


The Character of Physical Law

Richard P Feynman


The Nurture Assumption

Judith Rich Harris


Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel

Carl Safina


Die Wissenschaft bei James Bond

Lois H. Gresh and Robert Weinberg


Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composites: esign Approaches,Testing...

USA) Generazio Virginia Yorktown Edward R. (NASA Lewis Research Center


The Orphan Tsunami of 1700: Japanese Clues to a Parent...

David K. Yamaguchi, Brian F. Atwater, et al.


Planning a Scientific Career in Industry: Strategies for...

Sanat Mohanty and Ranjana Ghosh