Scientific equipment, experiments & techniques

Multivariate Calibration

Harald Martens and Tormod Naes


Inorganic Spectroscopic Methods

University of Manchester Institute of Science and Tec Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry Alan K. (Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry


Science Experiments and Projects for Students: Student...

Cothron Julia H Cothron, Giese Ronald N Giese, et al.


Successful Management of the Analytical Laboratory

USA) Milner Pennsylvania Wynnewood Oscar I. (Consultant


Detection and Isolation of Soil Fungi

Pierre Davet and Francis Rouxel


Proficiency Testing in Analytical Chemistry

Mike Thompson, Richard Lawn, et al.


Techniques in Free Radical Research

UK) Rice-Evans London UMDS-Guy's Hospital Division of Biochemistry C.A. (Free Radical Research Group, UK) Symons University of London M.C.R. (Department of Chemistry, et al.


Confocal Microscopy


The Basics of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Thomas S. Hofer, Michael D. Kugler, et al.


Nuclear Models

Walter Greiner and Joachim A. Maruhn


Raman Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis

Richard L. McCreery


El Proyecto Montauk

Peter Moon and Preston B Nichols