Scientific equipment, experiments & techniques

Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy: Methods and...

Roland (Universitat Hamburg) Wiesendanger


Gel Electrophoresis: Nucleic Acids

Robin Martin


Research Methods for Science

Austin) Marder Michael P. (University of Texas


Inorganic Experiments


Laser Experiments for Chemistry and Physics

University of Tennessee) Comp Dept Chemistry Professor of Chemistry and Physics Robert N. (Professor of Chemistry and Physics and University Dept of Chemistry Franklin Professor and Regents' Professor Michael A. (Franklin Professor and Regents' Professor


Digital Microscopy


Essential Laboratory Skills for Biosciences

Mohammed Meah and Elizabeth Kebede-Westhead


Basics of Spectroscopy

David W. Ball


Prudent Practices in the Laboratory: Handling and Management...

Division on Earth and Life Studies, Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology, et al.


Astronomy 120 Lab Manual

Kelli Spangler


Dynamics of Leaf Photosynthesis

a Laisk and J Oja


Experimentos didácticos con el suelo para la educación...